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My dad and stepmom have gone off on vacation for the next week, so I'm now housesitting and dogsitting on my own. I'm looking forward to having uninterrupted time to work on both my dissertation and my festivid. So now I've got a whole house to work from, and plenty of solitude, and while I always eventually hate solitude, a week of it seems about right.

So, today!

1) take dogs on big morning adventure
2) read the introduction to Pater's Imaginary Portraits (begun)
3) read as many articles on Strachey as possible
4) transcribe bits of Strachey articles/take notes on same
5) work on festivid
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I haven't posted yet today, but I have done some work? I already read and poked at a bunch of the Holroyd biography of Strachey, and plan to finish poking at it later today.


1) Begin poking at Holroyd biography
2) Finish poking at Holroyd biography
3) If possible check out Lytton Strachey By Himself: A Self-Portrait
4) Walk the dogs in the afternoon
5) Go out to supper with dad & stepmom
6) Transcribe/take notes on Holroyd
7) Start writing down musings on Strachey

I'm feeling actually really good about my Strachey chapter at the moment; though I'm at a bit of a disadvantage in that I'm missing a few books I need that I didn't know I'd need, I've got a bunch of ideas and things are starting to come together for me. I'm really excited to write/rewrite the section on Strachey-Voltaire-Frederick the Great, for example, as I already liked it when I wrote it before and now I have even more exciting ideas about it. So even though this week is dedicated primarily to reading and researching Strachey stuff, I'm getting a jump start on brainstorming, just because, you know, BRAINS. So that's good! Maybe I can write a dissertation you guys!
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Okay! So, it's not that I've done NO work since before Christmas (I've read about 120 pages of Forster's tourist guide, and I did some research, and I emailed my advisor, and yesterday I read an ENTIRE book of criticism on Strachey (mostly boring, sadly). But I've been slacking off a lot, with Christmas, and then with hanging out with my nephew, and then with a general established pattern of slackitude.

So yesterday was really an official day back, because I read and took notes on a whole book which is pretty decent for a day's work, but today I'm actually going to start posting to-do lists again. Now that it's January, I've shifted into "write Strachey chapter" mode, per my long-term schedule, so this week is for reading all the Strachey criticism.


1) Go through bib and get as many Strachey articles as possible in pdfs
2) Do more research, figure out what's yet to be located
3) Generally organize my Strachey references
4) Read ch1 of On Or About 1910
5) go through books for other Strachey stuff
6) peek at Strachey-Woolf letters
7) walk the dog in the morning
8) walk the dog in the afternoon
9) email [personal profile] eruthros
10) read more of On Or About 1910
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w/e, I'm still posting a to-do list! I may not tomorrow, because we're going over to my Aunt's in the early afternoon and staying till god knows when, but for today I can make a list.

1) walk the dog
2) make pastry dough
3) make pumpkin pies
4) read more of Alexandria: A History and Guide
5) Email Molly
6) Email or call mom
7) Wrap presents 4 srs
8) Take the dogs for a run in the afternoon
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Holmes icon used because today I wish I could just wear a blanket, pronounce my hatred for everything, and get super high.

Today is check-in day again, and again I don't feel like I've done that much! Also my advisor hasn't gotten back to me from last week's check-in, which is discouraging. :(

Still, will try my best! A lot of things I have to do today are errands that cannot be put off any longer, so I have to do them. I hate errands. I also hate #1 on this list so much I could throw up.

1) Call my nephew's father
2) Go shopping for a couple things for Dad
3) Get dog food
4) Wrap presents
5) Call mom
6) do financial stuff
7) finish reading The Cultural Politics of Emotion
8) Email supervisor with checkin email
9) Take dogs for a run in the afternoon
10) Start reading Alexandria: A history and guide
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Yesterday I threw an ambitious and demanding goal at myself, and I managed to come through! I finished reading all of The Second Common Reader, which came out to about 150 pages I think? And took copious in-text notes. So I feel good about that! I even managed to squeeze in a few pages while sitting in a tiny elementary school gymnasium waiting for my nephew's christmas concert to start.

That kind of ambitious and demanding (and singular!) goal-setting isn't good in the long term, but now and then it seems useful. So, yeah. Today I will go back to my more usual system:


1) walk the dog
2) read the introduction to The Cultural Politics of Emotion
3) read more of The Cultural Politics of Emotion - almost done!
4) figure out what Cvetkovich I need to read
5) take typed notes on The Second Common Reader
6) roar around with the dogs in the afternoon
7) call the mechanic
8) call my nephew's father
9) uh, get a present for my dad for Christmas? Argh!
10) have dinner with my cousin apparently!
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Today I have this goal:

1) finish reading The Second Common Reader.

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I accomplished all my goals yesterday! Although, actually, they weren't that ambitious; I ended up reading maybe 75 pages all together. But I will read more today! I'm done with Stein (for now) and on to Woolf, so it doesn't actually take me an hour to read twenty pages anymore. I love Stein, but she is not convenient for the power-reading thesis-finishing kind of projects. But I do think I'll have to work QED and, god help me, Melanctha into my dissertation (Melanctha is super racist and the academy natch has a tendency to avoid talking about its super racism, so it requires extra work to incorporate it). Meanwhile I read Woolf's "The Strange Elizabethans" yesterday and did some cartwheels because it was so incredibly on topic and perfect for the diss. I'm so fascinated by how Woolf and Strachey are clearly interested in similar things at similar times, because they're such BFFs and they're talking about this stuff a lot, but they always have different goals and end up with different conclusions, despite their similar methods and outlooks. Aw BFFs. Did you guys know that Lytton Strachey, famously fabulously gay man, once proposed to Virginia quite earnestly? I love their queer het friendship.


1) walk the dog
2) watch the Art Crawl! episode of Middleman with my dad
3) read at least 100 pages of Woolf wellllll, I read 80, which is pretty good
4) make notes on Three Lives and QED
5) collate some bibliographic information that needs collating
6) go christmas shopping oh god (liquor store, future shop, bookstore, toy store)
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Again yesterday I didn't accomplish any dissertation-related goals, mostly because my nephew ended up staying much later than we had anticipated, so I was hanging out with him again. And then after he left in the early evening I found I was a bit tired out by two full days of nephewing, and ended up having a quiet evening with fic instead. But today is for catchup!


1) walk the dog
2) finish reading Q.E.D.
3) read a couple of essays on Melanctha & contemporary reviews of Three Lives
4) Read one essay from The Second Common Reader
5) Read another essay from The Second Common Reader
6) Read a third essay from The Second Common Reader
7) Read a fourth essay from The Second Common Reader
8) Take the dogs for a run in the afternoon
9) Go shopping at Value Village (YAY to be in Canada, where the Value Villages roam)
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Today I'm still hanging with my nephew, so the first part of the day is likely a write-off, but I should have time for work in the late afternoon/evening.


1) Make everyone pancakes
2) Walk the dog
3) Hang out with nephew
4) Finish reading Q.E.D. already (I have like eight pages to go)
5) Start reading The Second Common Reader
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If you're wondering whether I missed posting a to-do list today, the answer is yes! We picked up my nephew last night and so today was pretty much spent hanging with him. He's an amazing kid and I don't get to see him much, so I figure it was time well spent. Plus, yesterday I was a SUPERHERO and did all the big scary prospectus editing and bibiliography putting together and it was a pretty huge deal and I felt super proud. So that's all okay.

Some things I did get done today:

1) walk Rory in the morning
2) play wrapping paper cardboard roll lightsabers with my nephew
3) teach my nephew how to juggle
4) make a bunch of arts n crafts and origami with my nephew
5) play mariokart with my nephew
6) go xmas shopping ugh
7) take the dogs for a run in the woods
8) eat delicious family dinner
9) read my nephew a bedtime story, and then another bedtime story
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So, it's check-in day with my advisor again (every Friday!) and I feel like I have nothing to report; most of what I got done this past week was, like, some driving. So today what would be great is if I could get done editing my prospectus and bibliography so I can send the second draft to the whole committee. If it were just advisor #2 to whom I had to send it, I would have no nervousness, but I . . . have some issues with advisor #3. We just sort of don't get along, is what I'll say in a public space. Anyway, gotta jump that hurdle sometime I guess.

So my list today represents that task, broken down into hopefully-manageable chunks.

1) Walk the dog
2) Eat breakfast, take a shower
3) Edit Woolf section of prospectus
4) Edit Strachey section of prospectus
5) Edit Forster section of prospectus
6) Edit Stein section of prospectus
7) Put all existing citations into one bibliography
8) Fill any immediately obvious bibliography holes; it's okay to leave this rough/unfinished
9) Walk the dog again
10) Oh yeah visit with my mom at around 2
11) Write an email to my advisor and send her my prospectus and bibliography as they are now
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I'm back! Or, I made it to Manitoba, took a mostly-rest day, and now I'm back to-doing things. So here we go again!


1) Walk Rory in the morning fuck it's cold! also the sun doesn't come up until like 8:15 wtf how did I grow up here.
2) Finish reading "The Gentle Lena"
3) Start reading "Q.E.D." - halfway done; maybe I could even finish it today?
4) Go through prospectus and start making edits and additions
5) Make some bibliographies through RefWorks to start appending to prospectus bibliography
6) Take dogs on an adventure in the afternoon
7) Visit with my aunt at around 3 apparently
8) Take a shower

Okay, now I'm off to do #8 first, because actually that makes more sense.
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Since I'm leaving tomorrow morning, today is the day for running errands and getting shit together.

to-do: )

12/7: ouch

Dec. 7th, 2011 10:45 am
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This morning I woke up with my shoulder all kinked up and my hip (what?) also feeling tense and painful. I've never had the muscles in my hip get kinked up before! I guess I really am turning thirty soon. Anyway after taking Rory to the dog park I came back home and have been putting heat on them, which seems to be helping. But argh, I don't need kinked up muscles before I begin a cross-country trip!

Yesterday I didn't finish Melanctha, but I did read 55 pages of it, which is a lot given the big pages and tiny print and Gertrude Stein-ness of it.


1) Take Rorschach to the dog park
2) Read all of Strachey's Pope, b/c it has to go back to the library
3) Begin making edits to the prospectus
4) Sweep floor
5) Tidy living room
6) Clean bathroom
7) Clean out the fridge
8) Brush the dog
9) Walk the dog in the afternoon
10) Do the dishes + clean the kitchen
11) Make dinner with + hang out with friend G

Tomorrow is my getting-ready-to-go day, so this is my last day of doing dissertationy stuff before I leave, I think. Argh so much to do!
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So far today I have discussed Gertrude Stein at the dog park (with the neighbour of my thesis advisor) and on twitter, but I have not read any, so this is a good sign that I should read some. I really do love her. Even if Melanctha is super duper racist.

I'm feeling caught between all the things I have to do before I leave and the pace of work on my dissertation I'm trying to maintain. Ugh stupid preparations and cleaning and things, why do you have to be done? Can't you do yourselves?

1) take Rory to dog park
2) have Rory fall asleep with his head on my thigh and his paw on my knee awwwww
3) download and organize lots of new podfic for the trip
4) finish Melanctha - trying hard! 27 pages to go!
5) get suitcase out of basement
6) reread prospectus draft
7) walk Rorschach in the afternoon
8) go out for dinner and a movie with [personal profile] livrelibre
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I did manage to read 30 pages yesterday, which is more than the day before and more than I'd thought that I would read, so that is good! I get so annoyed at my own reading pace - the longer I've been someone who, basically, reads for a living, the slower my reading has gotten. It's extremely careful reading, and I take a lot of notes and draw a lot of hearts in the margins (crucial) but still, it takes for fucking ever. And this Stein book has big pages and tiny text! So unfair! So it's slow going, which freaks me out.

Also I'm reading Melanctha now, which is super duper racist, and I'm going to have to read the criticism afterwards to come to terms with it, but anyway that makes it even slower going.

BUT I did manage to do all the dishes and do some reading and look after the dog and myself yesterday, so that's something. Today is a day of getting some errands done, I think.


1) walk the dog
2) read more of Three Lives
3) try to finish Melanctha
4) get books out of the library
5) go to the ISSO
6) tutor 3:30-5:30 (last shift of the semester! thank goodness)
7) pay the rent
8) call AAA
9) call insurance place
10) do some budgeting
11) cry helplessly for a while because I am so stressed about money

Wish me luck! God, the money things make me sick to my stomach. I hate money things so much.
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Yesterday I kind of freaked out, did no dissertation work, felt bad in a variety of ways, and hid from the world. Uch. I had, and have for that matter, that horrible motionless feeling of wanting to neither do what I'm supposed to be doing nor goof off. But if I did what I'm supposed to be doing, I bet I'd feel better. So, a to-do list.


1) Take Rory to the dog park to frolic/cavort
2) Go to the grocery store
3) Do the dishes - there were a lot of dishes! they are clean now.
4) Pick up Three Lives and start reading again, baby steps
5) Reread prospectus
6) Go in to tutor 7-10pm and work my ass off ugh I hate the end of the semester

Also, I'm trying to get my shit together re: doing a big cross-country drive in a few days! Things that need doing for that: under the cut )
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I feel slow and blech today! It's these darn Saturday early morning shifts, I tell you. I also feel kind of sad and avoidy and can I just hide under the blankets until my dissertation goes away? Please?

It's now less than a week until I leave (I think? Really gotta firm those plans up) and I feel like I've got a zillion things to do in the meantime! Probably because I do.

Okay okay, to do today:

1) work at co-op 8-10am
2) take dog on belated first walk b/c he is freaking OUT
3) do all the dishes and clean up
4) read read read read read
5) take dog on second walk b/c he will prolly freak out again later
6) hang out with [personal profile] livrelibre and do refworks stuff
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Yesterday I set the goal of finishing Elizabeth and Essex, and then I finished it! Whoo! This meant in practice reading about 170 pages in one day, which was about 100 pages more than my previous records over the last two weeks; I'm really proud that I was able to do it.

I went out last night for a drink with a pal of mine, and talking to her also helped me to feel more company and solidarity in writing/being afraid/having no money; she's a great friend and I need to be in touch with her more so that we can encourage each other (also I gave her this blog address. Hi G!)

Then this morning I had an 8:30am meeting with my advisor M, and we had a great conversation, and talked excitedly about Virginia Woolf together (Her: "Have you read Flush?" Me: "I ordered it! I'm waiting for it to arrive! Did you know it was serialized in The Atlantic at the same time as The Autobiography of Alice B. Toklas?") and I read her a great passage from Lytton Strachey, and it was a pretty good meeting overall. She also assured me that theses don't have to be all that long - I was thinking 200-220 pages, and she said even 150 is cool, and that in fact shorter is better if you want to get things published. Sooooo that's good to know!

Energized! But sleepy from getting up so early! Odd combination!

To-Do List:

1) Walk the dog
2) Have 8:30am meeting with M
3) Start reading Three Lives
4) Make notes on Elizabeth and Essex
5) Clean the house a bit
6) Do some laundry
7) Cook the chicken and sweet potatoes in the fridge
8) Walk the dog again
9) Email schedule to M
10) Email department admin person about jobs per M's advice

the passage from Lytton Strachey, if you're interested! )
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